“I was really pleased to see how well Jaclyn started stacking Roman! And, actually, he started stacking himself, too:-) The most pleasure was to realize how well behaved Roman was. He only barked once at the show when the other dog tried to attack him. Beside of that accident, he seemed like paying NO ATTENTION to other dogs (just to his BRT friend:-) ) I think he understood that at that place he should be just calm. And he was:-)

Roman did a fantastic training with Jaclyn! She is a fully transformed girl now!!! Free from many fears she had before he joined our family. Maybe, he is not the hugest BRT in the world, but he has the biggest loving heart, for sure!
( ..we have seen Jacklyn’s transformation and it is very remarkable! You must be so proud and happy! John got the right dog for you. I knew he was very special and you are perfect together ❤)”