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Black Russian Terriers are intelligent, hard working, and calm. The Black Russian Terrier breed was only recently developed in the 1940s as a guard dog, and it is still used today in law enforcement. As the Black Russian Terrier is a rare breed, not much information is available on what dog sports it participates in other than agility and obedience. Black Russian Terriers were bred to have a good sense of smell, so they would likely do well in the sport of tracking and as members of search and rescue (and bomb detection) teams. A reward-based approach to training using motivational tools such as treats and favorite toys will strengthen the dog’s bond with its family.

Certificate of Achievement

Awarded to Bo Peep – Basic Obedience Training

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Black Russian Terrier ~ Litter Certificate

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American Kennel Club ~ Registration Certificate

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American Kennel Club ~ Litter Certificate

Black Russian Terrier History

The Black Russian Terrier is a new page in the National cynology, written in gold letters. Many cynologists (dog breeding scientist) refuse to even recognize it as a breed, considering it a mere breed group. However, this so-called “breed group” has its own standard, genealogical tree, and one common recognized ancestor – Giant Schnauzer Roy. The dog’s exhibition rating is exceedingly high, which makes the talk of not recognizing it a breed at least absurd. The history of breeding the Russian terrier is complex, interesting, and somewhat mysterious in places, since many more breeds had been involved in the composition of the Russian terrier’s makeup than previously thought. So what kind of breed is the Russian Terrier, the breed nicknamed “Russian pearl”, “KGBist”, “Beria dog”, or, to put it more gently, “Blackie”?

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AKC Registered

Pinnacle BRT puppies are all registered with the American Kennel Club. AKC is the recognized dog breed experts.



At time of sale, all puppies have been vaccinated and wormed as appropriate for their age, micro-chipped and have had their dewclaws removed.



The first 8 weeks of a puppy’s life are critical for their lifetime personality. Puppy pick up is 8 weeks of age at our home in Bellingham.

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