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Litter "B":  October 29, 2005

Getera Ochy Chyornye x Black Magic Azypka

AKC litter number WS 151281

Gita has four new pups - 2 boys and 2 girls.  One boy is headed to Murrieta, California.  The other boy will be going to Poulsbo, Washington.  One girl is going to Edmond, Oklahoma and the other is headed to Buckley, Washington.



Black Russian Terrier BRT puppy          Black Russian Terrier  New puppies          Black Russian Terrier BRT          Black Russian Terrier BRT

     Just born                                Four - 1 day old                         1 day old with Gita                  Two days old

Black Russian Terrier BRT          Black Russian Terrier BRT          Black Russian Terrier BRT          Black Russian Terrier BRT

   Hungry 2 day olds             Anna & Azik check on pups       Sleeping soundly                   Such small ears!

Black Russian Terrier BRT          Black Russian Terrier BRT          Black Russian Terrier BRT          Black Russian Terrier BRT

           3 days                                  7 days old                                Squirming around                        8 days old

Black Russian Terrier BRT          Black Russian Terrier BRT          Black Russian Terrier BRT          Black Russian Terrier BRT

  Penny on cheek                  Crawling with eyes closed            8 days -  what a face                        "Hi!"

Black Russian Terrier BRT          Black Russian Terrier BRT          Black Russian Terrier BRT          Sentinel Black Russian Terrier  BRT

            Pretty boy                    They're growing so fast              Stacking at 8 days                         Pushin' in

Sentinel Black Russian Terrier - BRT           Sentinel Black Russian Terrier
- BRT            Sentinel Black Russian Terrier - BRT          Sentinel Black Russian Terrier - BRT

       Sleepy blue boy                     Eyes opening  14 days                    Peach girl                            Peachy stack

Sentinel Black Russian Terrier - BRT          Sentinel Black
Russian Terrier - BRT           Sentinel Black Russian Terrier - BRT          Sentinel Black Russian Terrier - BRT

   Red girl -  eyes open               14 day old Red girl                   RWP boy - face                      What is going on?

Sentinel Black Russian Terrier - BRT                                

 We don't want to stack           18 day old "Templar"               Peach and "Marley"                      Peach girl


   Red girl walking                 18 day old Red girl walks!             Marley and Anna                      RWP (Marley) walks!


Blue boy and papa Zyppy         Templar yawning                        Marley & Templar               Mr. Marley


  Marley                                        Marley                                           Walking!                               Peach & Marley


   Peach & Red grrrls                  Papa Zyppy & Peach        Peach girl looking around              Peachy girl


   Peach yawning                                Red grrrl                           Red girl looking around            "Hi"


   Red grrrl                          Extra nourishment for hungry boy                Marley & Peach                  Peachy girl and mama


     Peach and Marley lick the egg off of Gita's food                 Peach & Marley play                 Peachy yawn


               Peach girl escaping and exploring - 26 days                 Anna and pups                     Everybody exploring                              

     Marley, Red, Templar         Peach & Marley                                Marley - 29 days     Marley and monster  Scooby


     Marley cruising                       Blaz(h) Templar                   Templar's blue eyes                Templar walkabout


       Checking us out                  Templar mush mouth                   Templar sit                         Anna & Peach


       Red grrl and Anna         Peach & Marley still nursing      Mama Gita watching eat              Anna & Marley


       Marley & Red play                  Marley & Red                                                                             Marley crusin'


              Too full                                Azik & Peach                        Peach & Papa                      Peach & Marley


       Peach & Marley                  Peach girl eating                      Peach grrl                                   Red & Gita


     Red & Peach grrrls                Red & Peach play                 Red & papa Zyppy                  Red, Peach & Marley


                  Red girl playing with pillow                                           Red grrl                                     Red full & sleepy


       Red girl exploring  and coming back out                               Templar                       Templar's eating technique


      Templar                     overstuffed and sleepy Templar       Here's lookin' at ya             Alisa & Marley - 43 days old


      Alisa & Peach                       Alisa & Peach play                Alisa & Peach                      Peach girl & Alisa


      Alisa eats Red!                 Templar & Alisa                   Marley, Red & Peach                    Peach & Templar


      Peach & Templar                   Peachy Christmas                 Red & bear                         Curious Red Grrrl


      Red, Peach & cat              Red, Peach & cat                         Red & Peach Grrrls        Red pooped from playing


      Red & cat                                                    Cats!    What fun                                              Templar & Marley play


      Templar plopped                  Templar with tree             Peach & Gita - 46 days old         Marley & papa Zyppy


     Maylish, Templar, Red           Maylish                                          Maylish                                 Peach & Maylish


      Peach & Red                         Peach & Templar                    Peach with toy                    Peach with big dog food


      Peach Grrrrl                         Peach waking up                                      Red Girl's collar is too small


      Peach & Red                         Red, Peach & cat                   Red girl                       Pretty Red girl with brown eyes


      Red laying down                        Red girl                                                                 Red girl


           Red                                            Templar                     Templar playing with kitten     Templar & Peach with clothes


                       Templar & Red eating                                          Templar mush mouth              Templar with toy


      Zyppy & Maylish               Cathryn & Templar              Heidi & Jerry with Stoli (Red)     Jerry and Stasya   (Peach)


         Stasya (4 months)                 Stasya with toy                   Heidi & Stoli (5 months)    Jerry, Heidi & Stoli (7months)

        Black_Russian_Terrier Maylish        Black_Russian_Terrier Templar         Black_Russian_Terrier Templar

   Stasya and Nina                   Maylish and Fallon                     Templar                                  Joel & Templar

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