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Sentinel Anna

Trotting into your hearts


Each puppy has it's own personality.  By filling out a puppy application, you help us make the decision as to which puppy is best suited to you, your family and your lifestyle.  We do our very best to match each puppy with each new owner.


If you can cut-and-paste the following application into an E Mail and send it


Puppy Application




Home Phone:

Cel Phone:







Residence type:     House     Apartment     Condo

Do you:    Own       Rent  

Previous Address:


Do you have a fenced yard?     Yes     No    

Do you have a kennel run?     Yes     No    

Describe Fencing:


If no, how will exercise/toilet be handled?


How many in household:    

Children (#, age, sex):

Do your children have experience with dogs:     Yes     No     Limited

Are there any family members who need special consideration for any reason?     Yes     No    

If so please explain:


Do you own any other dogs?     Yes     No    

Are they Spayed/Nuetered?     Yes     No    

Breed(s) & age(s) of Other Dogs:



Current Veterinarian:


How many dogs have you owned in the last 5 years?


What happened to your last dog?


Have you owned a BRT before?     Yes     No    

What happened to it/them?


Looking for (check all that apply):     Male     Female     Pet     Show (conformation)     Performance Events   

For show (conformation) do you want to have first pick of the litter (you choose or we can choose for you)?     Yes      No

Age desired:(check all that apply):     0-6 mos     6-12 mos     1-2 yrs     2-5 yrs     5+ yrs     open to any age  

Plan to breed:     Yes     No     Maybe

Will you spay/neuter: (all pet placements are required to spay/neuter)     Yes     No     Maybe    

Where will dog spend most of each day?


Where will dog sleep?

How many hours will dog be alone each day?

How soon would you like to bring a BRT into your family: (check all that apply)    0-2 mos    3-6 mos    7-12 mos    open to any time


Will you return dog to Pinnacle BRTs, if you can no longer keep or care for dog?     Yes     No     Maybe      

Will you allow Pinnacle BRTs agent to visit your home prior to or after adoption?     Yes     No     Maybe    


Further comments and info that you think might help us find the right BRT for you, including more about your

preferences and reasons for wanting a BRT:


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