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[Black Magic Azypka]      [Getera Ochy Chyornye]

[Sentinel Azik]      [Sentinel Anna]

[Nikifor s Zolotogo Grada]      [Alisa Black vom Herlenberg]

[Kalinka Super Vanya "Sirius"]      [Sentinel Aglaida Zvezda "Diva"]

Kalinka Super Vanya  (Jasochka s Nadejdinoy Poliany x Kalinka Beau Ilia Murometz)

Born:  January 18, 2003

Sirius & Diva

Diva chasing Sirius.  Diva and SIrius love the snow and go play-crazy when it snows

Shirley with Sirius before the Bremerton, Washington show.  Diva in foreground (right)

Sirius with his service vest going for a ride.  Diva is 6 months old here but is a rider already.

Sirius waiting to get into the back of the Suburban and go for a ride
Sirius is 30" at the whithers and one substantial boy even when cut short.

Diva rolls in the snow, Sirius just noses the snow.

Diva showing Sirius that she can play rough, too!

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