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[Black Magic Azypka]      [Getera Ochy Chyornye]

[Sentinel Azik]      [Sentinel Anna]

[Nikifor s Zolotogo Grada]      [Alisa Black vom Herlenberg]

Sentinel Anna  (Getera Ochy Chyornye x Black Magic Azypka)

Born:  March 21, 2005

Anna at 5 months - all attitude.
Little Green girl at 25 days - watching the action.
Funny little Green girl.
Green girl turned into Pink girl and named Anna by Cris Carolfi and family.
Water fountain water just tastes better!  4 1/2 months
This litter was full of mountain goats.  They climb up onto everything!
5 months (left)  Extremely curious at 7 months

Anna - always in the middle of everything with Alverna.

Anna at 7 months with a toy.

Playing with Azik.   Serious about going for a ride!
Anna and Maylish  (January)
Black_Russian_Terrier Just like all other Black Russian Terriers, Anna loves the snow

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