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Barb's dearest Fluffy

Barb's own "Fluffy"    1993 - 2010


Barb droppping off "blue boy - "Harry" at SeaTac

Barb Galbreath - Co-Owner and secretary extraordinaire


Barb and Myka - Black Russian Terrier

Barb and Myka celebrating a good check up

About Us


  black russian terrier Azypka Zippy Zyppy
John Cadman lives in Bellingham, Washington.  Bellingham is in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, some 20 miles from the Canadian border.  Bellingham is home of Mt. Baker, famous for the record snow fall in the continental US and home of snowboarders and skiiers alike.


John has a background as a maritime engineer.  A secondary "calling" has been Ancient Egypt.  His research is featured in books by Edward Malkowski and John DeSalvo PhD.


In 1997, John acquired his first Giant Schnauzer and Rottweiler.  He became interested in the Black Russian Terriers after they had an enormous Giant Schnauzer (32") that was 1/2 BRT.  After losing his Giant Schnauzers and Rotteweiler in a house fire, he decided to get the best of the Giant and Rottie - the Black Russian Terrier.

John & Azypka - July 2011

Black Russian Terrier - Nikifro s Zolotogo Grada
Black Russian Terrier - Baby Blue

Smuggling Baby Blue boy into Mt. Rushmore.

So bad!

John with Nikifor on the way home from a show.


John  spent his formative years in the Bering Sea king crab industry.  Here he's seen next to the F/V Retriever in an ice pack.   This boat was featured in season 1 of "Deadliest Catch".

This monsterous boy was my Giant Schnauzer, "Dorian".  We got him in 1997.  He's seen side-stepping in the snow.  Part BRT, he was our inspiration into getting our first BRT.


Bellingham is home of Mt. Shuksan which is a popular ski area  (left)   and    Mt. Baker which is an active volcano  (right)

We sit at the foothills at the foreground of Mt. Baker.  Plumes of steam are often seen from the peak.

Giant Schnauzers - Heidi & Dorian   Giant Schnauzer -Heidi

My first Giant Schnauzers - Heidi & Dorian                                                Heidi loved going for rides.

Heidi was the toughest grrrrrl.  Dori was all heart.

Rest in peace - 1/7/2003

 Rottweiler - Rudy

My boy, Rudy.

Rest in peace - 1/7/2003

Dino  Giant Schnauzer - Dino

My Swedish rescue Giant, Dino.                                     Natural ears and those mischievious "terrier" eyes.


Brought up lovingly by Eric & Virpi.

Rest in peace - 9/12/2005

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