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                                American Rare Breed Association

                                Black Russian Terrier FCI Breed Standard

                                Country of Origin: Russia


General Appearance

The Black Russian Terrier is medium-large, strong, with large bones, and well developed muscles. The coat is thick and slightly wavy, but not curb or hanging. Typical for the breed is that he is reserved with strangers, but not aggressive. He has strong endurance and acclimates very well to any, climate and environment, plus he is very easy to train. The males are stronger, more powerful and compact than the bitches.



The forehead should be long and fairly broad.  The cheeks should be rounded. Skull should be flat with a slight stop. The muzzle should be wellfilled, narrowing slightly toward and nose and be slightly shorter than the forehead. The ears and beard give the head a square shape. The lips should be thick and meaty. The lips should be tight on upper jaw.

Faults: Course, too heavy, or too fine a head. Wrong shaped head too short, too long, or snipey muzzle.


Eyes:  The eyes should be small, almond shaped and as dark brown as possible.


Ears:  The ears should be small, VShaped, and set high.  They are pendant and the inner side touch the cheeks.

Faults: Very lowest ears or ears standing up.


Bite:  Scissor bite. Bite should be even with big white, close set and even teeth.

Faults: Small teeth, teeth sitting far apart, or uneven teeth.  Any bite other than scissor bite. Two or more missing teeth.




Neck:  Neck should be long, powerful, dry and carried high.


Chest:  The chest should be wide and deep with well sprung ribs reach to the elbow or slightly below.

Faults: Too wide chest or too narrow or flat chest.


Underline:  Slight tuck-up


Withers:  Withers should be set high and distinct from topline.


Topline:  Back should be strong, wide, and muscular.

Faults: Saggy topline or topline that is not straight.


Croup:  Croup should be short, wide muscular, and slightly round.


Fore And Hindquarters


Legs:  Front legs, seen from front , or dog should be straight and parallel. Elbows lying close to chest. Pasterns straight and short. Back leg, seen from behind.  Should be straight parallel, and slightly wider set than the front legs.

Loins:  should be well developed and muscular, thigh should be long and hock, well marked.  Rear angulation no more than a Giant Schnauzer.


Feet:  Feet should be big, close, and round. Duck feet are a big fault.


Tail:  Should be set high and be thick and cropped short (3-4 joints left).  It should stand straight up, slightly bowed forward is OK.



He should move freely, with an elegant and easy gait. A short trot and gallop is characteristic for the breed. When trotting, front and rear legs are parallel.



Topcoat should be wiry, strong, thick and close.  Undercoat should be thick and thick. Coat should have a slight wave and cover the entire dog with an approximate length of 28 inches.  He should have a beard, eyebrows. and heavy coat around the neck. A softer coat is permissible on show dogs when coat gets groomed regularly.



Black and ashen gray. Never brown. Fault: White anywhere except a small white spot on the chest.



Males 26 to 28.5", Females 25 to 27.5"

Faults:  Males over 29.5". or under 25.5".  Females over 28.5" or under 25".   Females may be slightly longer than males.



The Black Russian Terrier should have a sound character with strong nerves, but with a rather high sharpness. He is lively with strong reactions to outside irritations. He should never be insecure or lack confidence, or be nasty. He is reserved and suspicious around strangers.


Disqualifying Faults

Any bite other than scissor bite. Two or more missing teeth. Uneven color. White feet or white spots on head. Gray color.


Re-Printed with permission from the FCI




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